Has the reality of this world and its Lord opened to you?

Sheikh Abdul Waahid Bin Zaid (rahmatullahi alayh) narrates that once the ship in which he was sailing was caught in a storm. The stormy waves buffeted the rudderless ship. At last it reached a desolate island. After disembarking, they found a man worshipping an idol. Shaikh Abdul Waahid told him: “Your object of worship is not The Creator. On the contrary it is itself a created object, while The Being Whom we worship is The Creator of all objects.”

Idolater: “Whom do you worship?”

Sheikh: “The Being Whose Throne is in the Heaven; Whose control is on the entire earth; His Power extends over all the living and the dead; His Name is Glorious. He is Almighty and All-Powerful.”

Idolater: “How do you know this?”

Sheikh: “That True King sent His true Messenger to us. He guided us.”

Idolater: “Where is that Messenger?”

Sheikh: “After he had accomplished his mission for which he was sent, The Creator called him back.”

Idolater: “Did that Messenger leave with you any sign?” 

Sheikh: “He left behind the Book of Allah.”

Idolater: “Show it to me.”

After showing him the Qur`aan Shareef, he said: “I do not know how to read it. Read it for me.”

Sheikh Abdul Waahid recited a Surah. The idolater was so touched that he cried profusely.

Idolater: “The command of the Being Whose Speech this is should be wholeheartedly obeyed. Never should he be disobeyed in any way.”

He thus embraced Islam. Sheikh Abdul Waahid continues: “We taught him the basics of the Deen and a few Surahs. When night fell we all went to sleep, he said: ‘Brothers! Does the Ma`bood (Being of worship) about Whom you have informed me, also sleep?’ We told him that Allah does not sleep. He is perpetually Alive and Awake. The convert said: ‘What evil servants are you? Your Master remains awake, but you sleep!’ We were truly amazed by his talks.

After a few days, when we decided to continue our voyage, he said: ‘Brothers! Take me along with you.’ We agreed. At last we reached Abaadan. I said to my companions: ‘We should assist our brother Muslim.’ We made a collection amongst us and presented the money to him. When we did this, he exclaimed:

‘You are indeed peculiar people. You guided me to The Straight Path, but you have strayed from it. I am truly astonished. When I used to worship the idol – when I did not know Allah, He never destroyed me. He always cared for me. Why will He now abandon me after I have recognised Him and am worshipping Him?’ (He did not accept the money).

Three days later someone informed me that the new Muslim was dying. I visited him and asked him if he needed anything. He said: ‘I need nothing. The Being Who had brought you to the island has fulfilled all my needs.’”

Sheikh Abdul Waahid, while sitting by the new Muslim fell asleep. He narrates the dream he saw: 


“I saw a luxurious dense orchard in which was a domed structure. Seated on a resplendent throne inside the mansion was a young damsel of stunning beauty. She said: ‘For Allah’s Sake send the new Muslim quickly. I am extremely restless in this separation.’ 

My eyes opened. I saw that he had already undertaken the journey of the Aakhirah. May Allah’s Mercy be on him.

I gave him ghusl, kafan and buried him. That night I saw in a dream the same orchard and mansion. Seated on the throne at the side of the damsel was the new Muslim. He was reciting:

“The Malaa`ikah will come to them from every door (saying): ‘Peace on you on account of your patience. Indeed, wonderful is the abode of the Aakhirah.’”

~Orchards of Love

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