Funding for Qa’idah Nuraaniya and Mushaf Madeena for Qur’an School

$503 of $500 raised

Brothers and Sisters,

Assalamu Alaikum,

I have a special investment/funding opportunity…

I know, just 2 days back we commenced the funding for those two Imams in South Africa. [] Jazak Allahu Khairan for showing so much love.

Normally, I do not overlap funding opportunities.

But while compiling and sorting these out, I kept making Du’a for rewards from Allah. Somewhere, along the line it clicked to me, that perhaps other can share in the rewards.

So here is the deal. For Qur’an School which we run (wherever we run), we use these Nurani Qa’idah prepared by QSI under Sh. Mahmood (hafizahullah). Along with that, we use Mushaf Madeena.


So for students usage, we make a compilation of Qa’idah + Mushaf Madeena (juz 30 &1). This is the basic standard. Most students will be using this.

These are kept in the Qur’an school, from which all student practice. Every student reads every word in them multiple time (after having practiced on computer). Every word yields the same 10x rewards.

A funding towards making these available can cash one in on many hasanaat and rewards. The typical life of one compilation is 2 years before we need to recompile it.

For the new school we are establishing we have an intention of making 30-40 of these. Normally, I monopolize on these opportunities, get them made manually and just hope Allah will accept the action.

But this time, I wanted to share the opportunity. Think deeply on the possibility of reward. Investing in Qa’idah and Qur’an where their reading is Guaranteed (unlike those waqf qur’an in the back cupboard of Masajid).


The target is $500
[The entire amount may not be used right away,
instead over next few months]

ALSO, I am keeping this funding opportunity OPEN. Any over-the-target funding will be used in the Qur’an School towards Qur’an Studies.

I pray that who ever puts their money, in what ever capacity, may become completely surprised at the number of rewards yielded in Akhirah. Ameen

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