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Darul Qur’an Muslim Academy Aid Update & more…

Update from Previous Funding Alhamdulillah through Qafila, we raised $1000 in July to help do some renovations and expansion of the Madrasah. As the renovations started, and possibility of expansion came to horizon, Allah Ta’ala opened the doors for a lot of deeni work. The Madrasah has been flooded with enrollments from the nearby vicinity for …

The Vision of QAFILA

Alif Lām Rā, (Such a book) we have revealed unto you, so that you may lead the people out from darkness towards light (and guidance) with permission of their Lord (rabb) and towards a mighty path, all worthy of praise.
(Surah Ibrahīm : V.1)

Chapter 3: Prospective Students

If you are a married student who wishes to come here and study at Madrassah, my sincere advice is to think beforehand. There are many aspects to look at before you make your decision. It is even harsher for the newlyweds. When I came here I was a newlywed and for me to leave my wife home alone for most part of the day was pretty hard. There are many reasons why it is so hard. Foreign students like us, have our own way of living which is a bit different then what this environment offers…

Madrasah In’aamiyyah – Chapter 2 : Camperdown

South Africa is a place where you can truly say that east has met the west. The facilities are that of the west and yet the people are that of the east. As my teacher normally comments that S. Africa is one of the very few countries that can provide drinkable tap water. It is hard to accept but it is very true once you see the actual S. Africa and not the one concocted by your imagination. (At one time I even had a concept of South Africa being a famine stricken land with no water, where I will have to travel a mile to get water for the daily necessities)…..

Madrasah In’aamiyyah – Chapter 1 : My Journey

Almost a decade ago I had stepped out of my country for the first time. I had set abroad towards Canada for the purpose of my academics. I had no idea how long this journey would be. Crossing the Atlantic and as they say, “the seven seas and the lands” I landed in Toronto. This was all new to me as I was only 17 at that time. It didn’t take long for me to realize that “Hijrah” is not an easy thing….

About Q.A.F.I.L.A

Assalamu Alaikum WarahmatAllah, Qafila is a personal effort to help students of deen struggling to attain their goals in Madaris. Any help and assistance in this endeavor will be a means of Sadaqa Jaariya in the sight of Allah, while paving the path for our leaders of tomorrow and help our Ummah. Currently the funds …