Darul Qur’an Muslim Academy Aid Update & more…

$592 of $500 raised

Darul Qur’an Muslim Academy Update

Address: Batta Vatpara, Vushaganj Bazar (Dhobaura Road), Tarakanda, Mymensingh

Established: 01 November 2016

Activities: Elementary;
grade- 1, 2 and 3;
Complete Hifdh Program;
Arabic incorporation.

Founder and Director: Hafiz Muhammad Abul Qalam Azad

Update from Previous Funding

Alhamdulillah through Qafila, we raised $1000 in July to help do some renovations and expansion of the Madrasah. As the renovations started, and possibility of expansion came to horizon, Allah Ta’ala opened the doors for a lot of deeni work.

The Madrasah has been flooded with enrollments from the nearby vicinity for Hifz and Qur’an studies. Currently at an enrollment of 70 students, new year will see even more students. The hard choice in a rural are to turn away potential students can be devastating, so the Madrasah opted to accommodate new enrollments.

During the last upgrade, Madrasah faced a hurdle. The land where the extension was scheduled required extra soil to be filled in for leveling. Foundations have been laid and fortified with cement.


Structural beams, walls and ceilings have also been put up. This unforeseen hurdle of fortifying the foundation with appropriate soil costed higher than anticipation.

The expansion is in process. We have thus far Completed:

1. Filling of the pit where the building is standing now,
2. Making the soil compact to build the room,
3. Concrete floor
4. Pillars
5. Iron sheet wall and roof

The Madrasah requests another financial push to complete this building. The new facility is currently usable, but still needs the doors and windows and arrangements for the winter to cater for students. As the classes start in January, we encourage all of you to support this expansion.

The local teachers and administration has shows so much gratitude for the previous help. All the rewards go to the donors, who have not only helped this madrasah, but also enriched the lives of many students who will be studying here in coming future!

Here you see the place of the new construction. The newly constructed part of the building which still needs some additional funding to complete before winter finishes. Notice that the doors and windows haven’t been set in yet.

We thank you immensely for your support thus far, and hope that you will continue your support. Insha’ Allah we will continue to update you along as every new mile-stone of this expansion is fixed.

The current living/study facility from inside are as below:


The boarding students use this same building to sleep for the night and then classes are held in the same building in the morning. The new building will provide a much needed opportunity for students in Hifz to have their own timetable which currently clashes with Nazira students.

Please note that there are many basic facilities required. As the students increase, the facility will need additional toilets, additional appliances for winter and for summer etc. However, we wish to cater for these upgrades one-milestone at a time. 

Target for this upgrade:


Any additional funding will be used for supplementary assistance.

May Allah Ta’ala bless each and everyone who gives towards this project, Ameen

If you wish to see the previous funding page for more information, please see : Click Here

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