The Maulavī Malāmatī Sect…

Muftī Shafīʿ raḥimahullāh used to jokingly say that there is a Maulavī Malāmatī Firqah (sect), in which whenever people see any issue, they will find a way to divert its blame to the Maulavī (scholars)… Whatever a Maulavī does, they will find a negative angle to it…

If the poor Maulavī decides to seclude himself and spend his time for Allāh-Allāh, or isolates to only giving durūs (teaching) Qāl Allāh wa Qāl al-Rasūl ﷺ [i.e teaching Qurʾān and Ḥadīth] then these people say that Maulavī is aloof and uninformed of the world around him. He does not even have time to step out of his dome of Bismillāh [isolation].

If the poor Maulavī leaves his place for Iṣlāḥ (rectification of society and governance) or for some communal effort, then these people say that the Maulavī’s job is his duty at Madrasah, doing Allāh-Allāh and now he wants to interfere in politics and governance.

If the poor Maulavī is such that he does not have much finances and is stricken with poverty, then these people object that these Malavīs have not arranged or worked on establishing financial means for their students. Where will these students go from Madrasah? Where will they eat? How will they survive?

And if the Maulavī becomes affluent and gets bestowed with financial stability, then these people question his of even being a Maulavī. Is he a Maulavī? How did he become a millionaire? In such a case the Maulavī has no forgiveness!

This is the Maulavī Malāmatī sect.

ʿIbārāt e Akābir, Pg. 118


In my time working in different communities, I can attest to Muftī Shafīʿ raḥimahullāh’s statements as being absolutely true. One will meet many such individuals, who albeit themselves may be involved in many religious activities, but hold a certain gripe against ʿulamāʾ. No amount of self-less work of ʿulamāʾ ever comes close to their approval. It is a relief that ʿulamāʾ do not work for their approval, rather their aim is acceptance from Allāh Taʿālā alone. Alḥamdulillāh.

Do take note that Muftī Shafīʿ raḥimahullāh is not talking about Malāmatiya Ṣufī sect.


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