A one-time boost for two Imams working in poverty

$1,140 of $1,500 raised

Project : One time Assistance for two Imams
Condition : Both the Imams are from South Africa. Working is a remote area for very low wage.
Target : Assist them with $750 each

Details: Alḥamdulillāh, many ʿulāmāʾ graduate from respective madāris and then intend to serve their lives in the path of Allah. One such avenue is remote places where work of dīn is neglected.

We have two such individuals, graduated from Darul ʿUlūm Newcastle, South Africa who have chosen to do Imamah of a remote area, building a wonderful fruitful Islāmic community. They have been doing imamah for over 4 years.

One of the biggest drawbacks of taking up such remote areas is the lack of funding from locality. Thus far they have been receiving an average of R3500 per month in a community where expenses for a family may easily rake up to R10,000 ($1000).

We at ilmHub wish to set up a crowdfunding for these two Imams, to help them with their expenses. Having sat in a similar situation myself, I can honestly say that the desire to do good in dīn can sometimes be immensely motivated with right backing. We live in a time of overhead costs, where even doing nothing requires a systemic roof over the head which costs.

Please assist these two valiant Imams with your Sadaqah as well as Zakah monies. (I have not mentioned their names and location for sake of respect). But I do show a few images of their Salah facility.

I have been informed via reliable contact that they have been doing a superb job in their communities with Imamah, Jumu’a, Janaza Salah and other religious activities, despite their poor financial condition.

Let us try and help these individuals who are shaping their community towards Islamic fortification by raising a one-time $1500 to assist them with their difficult times.

P.S If you need further information to dispense Zakah, please contact me directly at abuhajira@gmail.com.

TARGET : $1500

$ 25
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Donation Total: $25