The pinnacle of Imaan of sufiyaa and their connection to their Lord

Envious people misinformed the Khalifah about the Sufiyaa. On account of their lack of understanding they interpreted the statements of the Sufiyaa as being heretical and kufr. The Khalifah ordered the execution of the Sufiyaa among whom were Hadhrat Junaid Baghdaadi and Sheikh Abul Hasan Noori (rahmatullahi alaihima). When it was time for the execution, Sheikh Abul Hasan Noori eagerly advanced to the executioner who enquired: “Why did you step forward?” Sheikh Noori said: “So that my friend may live a few extra moments.”

The astonished executioner thought: “Who branded these people irreligious?”

normal_The executionThis information was relayed to the Khalifah, who at that time was in session with his ministers. All present were full of surprise. The Qaadhi who was present said: “Allow me to go to these people. I shall debate with them on masaa`il of the Deen. Their beliefs will then become manifest.” The Khalifah consented.

When the Qaadhi came to the group of Sufis, he ordered one of them to come forward. Sheikh Noori stepped forward. After the Qaadhi posed several questions, Sheikh Noori first looked towards the right side, then to the left. He then lowered his head momentarily and satisfactorily answered all the questions. He added: “There are some servants of Allah who stand with Allah and they speak with Allah.”

Thereafter he gave a lengthy lecture which reduced the Qaadhi to tears.

The Qaadhi asked: “Why did you glace hither and thither?”

Sheikh Noori said: “I was not aware of the answers to your questions. I therefore sought the aid of my companions on the right. They expressed their inability to answer. I then sought the aid of my companions of the left side. They were unable to answer. I then questioned my heart. My heart acquired the answers from Rabbul Izzat, hence I answered you.”
The Qaadhi was bewildered. He sent word to the Khalifah: “If these people are irreligious and zindeeq (a class of kuffaar), then on the surface of the earth there are no Muslims.”

~Orchards of Love

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