Usool (Sources of Proof) in Shariah

While asking a question to an Alim some people put a condition that the proof should be referenced from Qur’an. Ulama also try to fulfill this request and struggle to establish their answer from Qur’an. However, when the Usool (Sources of Proof) in Shariah are four, Qur’an, Hadeeth, Ijmaa’ Ummah and Qiyas, then every Alim has a right to establish his answer either from Qur’an or from Hadeeth etc. How far would one go to establish proof from Qur’an? If all the masa’il (juristic problems) could be deduced from the Qur’an alone, then what would be the need for the remaining sources?…

Acceptance of Dua’ is not a Karamat (Miracle)

“Acceptance of supplication (Dua’) is not a karamat because the supplications of laymen as well as kuffar (disbelievers) also get accepted. Look at اكفر الكفرة افجرالفجرة (most disbelieving of the disbelievers and most sinning of the sinful), i.e Shaytaan’s dua’ was accepted. Moreover, (look at) his Dua’ which was accepted was also an abnormal one and is considered bad manners according to the Fuqaha’ (Jurists)….

Disobedience of Allah during Ramadhaan

Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi rehmatullah alayh says,

“Some people increase their bad deeds in this month (Ramadhaan). This is perhaps due to unawareness, or due to deficient understanding, or perhaps they know it yet do not practice caution. This is indeed a very strange matter that in this month, Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala has even prohibited those things which were permissible in normal months. Isn’t this an indication that those actions which were already impermissible are now prohibited to a greater degree?

Tableegh to ones family

[Continuing from the talk of “Obligation of Tableegh”, Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi r.a says] “…(Our condition is such that When) men come home, they have no concern except getting angry at their wives either due to food or for (not) ironing ones clothes (etc.).  They will not say a single religious thing to their families. …

Madrasah In’aamiyyah – Chapter 2 : Camperdown

South Africa is a place where you can truly say that east has met the west. The facilities are that of the west and yet the people are that of the east. As my teacher normally comments that S. Africa is one of the very few countries that can provide drinkable tap water. It is hard to accept but it is very true once you see the actual S. Africa and not the one concocted by your imagination. (At one time I even had a concept of South Africa being a famine stricken land with no water, where I will have to travel a mile to get water for the daily necessities)…..

Correct Way of Attaining Secular Education

[In a talk expounding the need for attaining Quranic Education, Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi r.a states]

“The correct method of attaining Secular Education is to:

Firstly, acquire religious education. One should consult an Alim and chart out a course for oneself.

Secondly, one should keep a connection with the company of Ulama.

Thirdly, refrain from reading books from different methodologies and only read the material of Ulama e Haqq.